WCB Creators' Retreat 2020

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Waiver Statement:

Wilderness Canoe Base will not be managing personal medications for the duration of this retreat. This also means Wilderness Canoe Base staff are not able to provide over-the-counter medications or first-aid to retreat guests. Please bring your own personal medications and first-aid kits with you for the weekend.


I understand that I am responsible for handling my own medical needs for my family or group, including both prescription medications and first-aid such as pain relievers or wound care. I understand that if it becomes necessary for a member of my family or group to receive medical attention at the clinic or hospital in Grand Marais, I am responsible for transporting them myself in a personal vehicle or calling 911. I agree to inform the Wilderness Canoe Base staff of any food allergies or other medical needs pertaining to the food being served by camp at least ten days prior to the start of the retreat.

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